Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Our Home

Our Home

In November 2020, a two and four-story building became Oasis Academy Leesbrook’s brand new home on the site of the former Breeze Hill School, which was demolished in 2013. The new, modern purpose-built Academy provides an amazing learning environment for 1,500 students aged 11-16, almost twice as many as the former Breeze Hill School.

A specifically designed drop-off area for vehicles uses the existing Breeze Hill Road and Roxbury Avenue Junction. There are 116 parking spaces for staff and visitors, as well as a sports pitch, a playground, and multi-use games area.

The brand new Academy primarily serves residents from Clarksfield, Roundthorn, Glodwick, Lees, Holt, and Alt.

Our Home

Please see updates on the development dating back to April 2019, shown below.  

You can read more about the construction programme here.

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About Our Construction Team – Galliford Try

Pre-Build information

Planning Application

Please click HERE to view the Planning Application Summary on the Oldham Council website.

A Message From the Principal

Sarah Livesey, Principal at Oasis Academy Leesbrook, commented on the approval, saying; “We are all very excited about the approval of our new permanent home that will provide outstanding facilities for our students. Oasis Academy Leesbrook is a school where all young people receive a personalised educational experience. Students’ academic skills, habits and personalities are developed allowing them to successfully progress to work or further education and we are delighted that our students and community will have these wonderful facilities in which to learn and develop.

There will be information meetings for parents, carers and the community in the near future and we fully welcome you to attend these.  You can also catch up on the latest news by clicking on our most recent Newsletter.

A Message From our Regional Director

Helen Ayra, Regional Director at Oasis Community Learning, added; This is an exciting milestone for Oasis Academy Leesbrook, the new building will provide amazing facilities for 1,500 students and provide exceptional education at the heart of the community.