Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Extreme Weather

It is very unlikely that the Academy will ever have to close and parents and students should assume that the Academy remains open unless they hear otherwise from the Academy.

Our priority is to remain open for all students.  If this is not possible then we will decide if we can be partially open to a selected number of year groups, such as Years 7 and 11 as an example. If that is not possible we will decide if we can stay open to staff only. A final decision to close will only be taken after all previous options have been considered.

In the event that the closure takes place whilst examinations are due to take place, every effort will be made to remain open for the exam.  Staff who are able to get into the Academy will be asked to assist in this process wherever possible.

In the event of severe weather conditions eg very heavy snow or flooding, causing the academy to be closed, the Academy will report to parents via:

a) Texting service

b) The Academy website

c) FacebookTwitter

d) Local radio stations; Hits Radio, Radio Manchester

e) Oldham Council school closure website

Should heavy snow or extreme weather conditions during the academy day necessitate an early finish, students will be allowed to make their own way home, if possible and parents will be informed of changes to arrangements as indicated.

Should bad weather be forecast for the next day whilst we are at Academy.

a) Every attempt will be made to make and communicate a decision before students leave the academy at the end of the day.

b) This decision will be one of the following:

  • The Academy will definitely close. In which case, nobody should come in on the next day and, for subsequent days, families should check the website or local radio stations.
  • The Academy may close. In this case, families will need to check the website or local radio stations from 6.30am the next day.

Should bad weather begin overnight or be forecast for the next day whilst we are at home, eg at the start of a term/ after a weekend.

a) If the weather takes a turn for the worse the day/night before, the Principal will make a decision as early as possible and hopefully by 7.00 am on the day on which the bad weather occurs.

b) If the Academy is due to close, this will be announced on the website and local radio stations and a message via “keep kids safe call system” will be sent out to parents and staff.

c) The message on the answer machine and the absence line will be updated if appropriate.