Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Principal's Welcome


We warmly welcome you to our school community at the very start of this exciting journey where we will build an exceptional educational experience at the heart of the community of Oldham.

I am extremely proud to lead our exciting new school, Oasis Academy Leesbrook, which will be a unique school. We will cultivate the future leaders of Oldham, the UK and the world, developing students who are role models within our community and regularly make a positive contribution to our locality.

Our students are hard-working, determined and successful, taking pride in all they do and celebrating their many achievements. Their excellence will develop within the classroom and beyond, where we are helping them to become model citizens in their community and undertake a range of opportunities to enrich their lives.

Oasis Academy Leesbrook is a fully inclusive school where all students are welcome regardless of starting point, need or complexity. We prepare our students to be leaders who the community look upon with pride and admiration as they develop and lead our school to excellence.

Kindest Regards,

Sarah Livesey
Principal, Oasis Academy Leesbrook



*Subject to design and planning permission.