Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Attendance and Punctuality

Key Principles

  • Students in the Academy have the right to the best possible education 
  • In order for students to access the best possible education, a high level of attendance is essential 
  • Students’ ability to stay and feel safe, enjoy and achieve and to make a positive contribution may be jeopardised by poor attendance and punctuality 

The Academy aims to ensure that attendance for all pupils remains at 96% or higher. Attendance is a whole Academy focus. Helping to create a pattern of regular attendance is everybody’s responsibility, including parents/carers, students and staff. However, please note: it is your legal duty as a parent/carer to ensure that your child is on time to school and attends regularly. Be aware that, should your child arrive regularly late to school, or is regularly absent from school without a valid or accepted reason, you could be fined or prosecuted by Oldham Local Authority Attendance Team. 

Green: No Concern  

Yellow: Concern   

Amber: Risk of Underachievement  

Pink: Severe Risk of Underachievement  

Red: Extreme Concern  

Attendance Monitoring and Intervention  

The Academy has an escalating approach to reinforcing high levels of attendance and intervening in respect of attendance concern.    

Authorised and Unauthorised Absence  

If a student is absent from the Academy, it is vital that a parent contact the Academy by 8am to provide a reason for absence. This should be by telephone to the reception in the first instance supported by a written note on the student’s return.  

Absence can only be authorised where there is good cause. If no adequate reason for absence is provided, attendance will be recorded as unauthorised. 

Avoiding Holidays and Appointments during Term Time    

In order to maximise individual achievement, parents should avoid making routine appointments for students during the Academy day. Parents should not take family holidays during the term time period.  The Local Authority has the power to fine parents if their child is absent from school without authorisation. Please note, the academy will not authorise holiday during term time. 

Illness, Accidents, Medicines and Signing out of the Academy

During the Academy day if, at any time, you feel unwell or have an accident you must inform a teacher straight away. If you require medical treatment your teacher will provide you with an exit note to go and see the Academy Medical Officer in the Medical Room. Here the Medical Officer will assess your condition and make a decision whether or not you can remain in the Academy. If you are being sent home, then the Academy will contact your parent/carer to make suitable arrangements.


If you need to take any form of medication at the Academy you need to bring a letter from your parent/carer explaining what the medication is for and when you need to take it. You will also need to show the medication in its original box or bottle to the Academy Medical Officer. Lastly, all medication should be taken in the presence of the Academy Medical Officer or a designated First Aider.

Signing Out

Under no circumstances should any student leave the Academy for any reason without permission and following the correct procedures. If you need to leave the Academy to attend to a medical appointment then you will need to bring official confirmation of that appointment and show it to the Attendance office.

If there are other reasons for you needing to leave during the Academy day then your parent/carer is required to call the Academy in advance explaining the reason. Before leaving the Academy, a member of the Attendance team will sign you out and provide you with an exit slip.

Students' Staggered Return to school week beginning 8th March

Due to complexities of testing so many students on their first day back, we will be having staggered start dates for each year group. 

Please note that the children of critical workers and those identified as ‘vulnerable’ are to continue to come to school each day.  When the rest of their year group returns, they will join their year group bubble.

Students will physically return to the Academy on the following days and times. If students use the school bus to get to school, they may come in early and be held in an isolated location distanced from those students not in their bubble.

Up to and including the week of Monday 8th March we continue to welcome children of critical workers and those identified as ‘vulnerable’ at school, all other students will continue with their remote learning until their day when they return to school as indicated above. 

The Government’s guidance is clear that students are expected to attend school during the week commencing Monday 8th March (please see more information on staggered starts in point 4 below).  This means that parents have a duty to ensure that their child regularly attends school, and that schools have a responsibility to record attendance and follow up absence.