Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Pastoral Active Support Team

Areas Of Support,

We understand that each of our young people will encounter academic, social, emotional and developmental challenges throughout their school career which require different styles of support to overcome these challenges to becoming happy and successful young people. Therefore, we want to do everything we can to help them overcome whatever life throws their way and to look back on it as a useful experience. For this purpose, we have set up a comprehensive pastoral care system, designed to support students in all aspects of school life. Mr Dixon (Assistant Principal: Safeguarding and Welfare), Mr Pickering (Pastoral Manager) and Ms Arnold (Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead) lead our Pastoral Active Support Team and are best placed to identify and support young people who need their expertise, built up over many years of working with young people, as well as collaborating with teachers, parents, the community and external organisations to achieve best outcomes for our young people.

These include:

  • Building positive relationships with peers
  • Identifying and supporting young people struggling with their emotional wellbeing and/or short, medium and long term mental health challenges
  • Solution focused working with students to remove actual/perceived barriers to accessing their education fully
  • Recognising, reinforcing and rewarding positive behaviour
  • Recognising, reinforcing and rewarding attendance and punctuality
  • Partnerships with external organisations for those more challenging problems

We know that the most effective learners are happy learners. Therefore, upon starting at Leesbrook and from the start of your child's journey with us through to the end of their time in our home, we aim to make sure they feel supported, encouraged and motivated to learn.

We want our halls and corridors to feel like a home-from-home for your children. Our Academy is a family - thriving with healthy relationships and positive influences. Our class teachers and Family Leaders (form tutors) take the time to get to know each of their students, finding out what your child is interested in, where their aspirations lie and what hopes they have for their year.  This sustained effort to build relationships allows our students and teachers to have an excellent rapport and positive regard for each other. 

By having a growing house system in place, we encourage our young people to get to know each other across all year groups. We have a dedicated and inspirational student lead leadership team consisting of out Student Principals, Student Deputy Principals and Student Council for those who want that extra support from their peers. Our communal dining area allows for that all important social integration - especially during family dining.

All students are tiered based on the level of support they currently require.  This is regularly reviewed.  All students have access to some form of Pastoral Support.