Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Behaviour & Rewards

Good behaviour involves students accepting responsibility for their own actions and knowing that all behaviour has consequences, intended or not. Intrinsic reward is prominent in all that we do. As we prepare students to become our next community, national and global leaders, their behaviour will form an important part in the success of this. This is ultimately the intrinsic reward; each achievement adds to the development of success in becoming happy and successful leaders. In addition to this, we promote good and improved behaviour by students through a system of recognition and reward.


We use ClassCharts to monitor our student's rewards and behaviours, also accessible to parents! With ClassCharts we can instantly reward any child achievement points, and give extra details of why they did such a good job. For example our students may be rewarded points for showing behaviours in line with the 9 Habits, or for exceptional coursework. We are then able to send a text message home to let parents know how proud we are of their child!

Our Principal then reviews these on a fortnightly basis to see which students are going above and beyond, and is able to reward them accordingly. 

OCL Behaviour for Learning and our behaviour procedures.


Community Payback