Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Family Group and House System

As we grow at Leesbrook, each year group will increase the amount of Family Groups.  Currently we have 10 Family Groups with 10 in Year 7, 10 in Year 8, 6 in Year 9, 5 in Year 10 and 5 in Year 11.  Our Family Groups are named after our subjects at Leesbrook.

Our Leesbrook House System launched in September 2022. Every family group is assigned to a house. The houses are linked to our Oasis 9 Habits that form part of our ethos values. They are lived out every day in who we are, and how we work together as a Leesbrook family. In our houses we will we encourage each other to become the best version of ourselves using the 9 habits.

Within each 9 habit house, families will be joined by other Family Groups from the Academy, working together representing your house.

Through the House system, students participate in a wide variety of House activities, ranging from events and competitions in lessons and cultural enrichment.  They are able to earn points for themselves and their House.  Points are counted each half term and the winning House Trophy is awarded to the house. The league table will run from September to July.

Every year the house competitions and points will culminate in the Leesbrook Sports Day where an overall Leesbrook champion will be announced.

  Below are all 10 Family Groups.



Art House

Literature House

Music House

Politics House

Sport House

STEM House


Whilst the whole academy is thought of as one big family, we encourage each house to serve as a second family in our corridors and classrooms.