Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Student Principals

Our Student Principals act as role models, mentors and embody the ethos of the academy. They have a crucial role in the image of the Academy and ensuring its student body success.

The Student Principals lead academy driven initiatives and provide a student voice representing the school both internally and externally at public and community events. They lead the Student Council and meet regularly with the Principal to discuss issues, review policies that relate to the student body and talk about new ideas for academy partnerships and fundraising. 

This year our Head Students are:

Student Principals: Ayo & Khizr

Deputy Student Principal: Isabelle

Student Leadership Team: Hussein & Liban

Student Principals are chosen by the Principal after nominations have been received from teachers within the first 2 weeks of term. We meet with each student nominated to discuss whether they would like to go forward with the programme and what their visions for school life could be. 

What do we look for in a Student Principal?

  • Natural leaders
  • Able to listen to others and support their worries
  • Able to be professional in meetings
  • Good at time keeping
  • Committed to ensuring the school is excellent
  • Confident in speaking in public to adults, teachers and members of the community