Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Student Voice

We believe that students learn better when they are engaged with the way that their education is delivered. By allowing your students to feel empowered in their position within the academy, you are giving them a pedestal to stand on and be heard, thus creating a passion for their environment and essentially - their education.

Here are all the ways we try to include our young people and raise their voice: 

Student Leadership

We want to give our student leaders a platform to stand on, and share the voice and opinions of their peers on all sorts of issues from around the academy. Students from all year groups are encouraged to speak to their student leaders about the things that matter to them regularly throughout the year.

Our Student Council is responsible for driving the strong student voice that exists at Oasis Academy Leesbrook.  Made up of elected representatives from the student body the Council works as a team for the benefit of our academy and the community. We hope to get our student council involved in all areas of academy life, including: 

  • Listen to student views and share these at Council meetings for discussion
  • Meet with the Principal and propose Council agreed ideas
  • Meet with your Community's Learning Group Representatives 
  • Liaising with community partnerships including transition events with other schools
  • Be involved with Academy activities 
  • Work with the local community 

Each student gets the opportunity to nominate themselves for election to the Council, with encouragement from teachers and support staff within the academy.  Students standing for election give an election speech to their Family Group and each student submits their vote.  A winner is announced and a deputy appointed.

Our Student Council are a point of pride for our school, and we value their input and enthusiasm everyday. Joining the Council is a fantastic opportunity for students to gain confidence, make new friends and learn new skills.  Our Student Council meet once per month.

Meet our Student Principals

Our Student Principals act as role models, mentors and embody the ethos of the academy. They have a crucial role in the image of the Academy and ensuring its student body success.

The Student Principals lead academy driven initiatives and provide a student voice representing the school both internally and externally at public and community events. They lead the Student Council and meet regularly with the Principal to discuss issues, review policies that relate to the student body and talk about new ideas for academy partnerships and fundraising. Our Student Leaders meet the first and last Friday of every half term.

Student Networking 

Throughout lessons across the curriculum, we encourage student networking. It is our goal at Oasis Academy Leesbrook to make sure projects set in class are relevant to our young people, especially in PSHE, and that they are in mixed group getting a chance to be heard and to present their ideas to the class and their teachers.