Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community


Welcome to our Library


The library is on the first floor next to the English department and managed by our Librarian, Ms Massey. It is open to all, providing a bright and pleasant environment for reading and studying.

Information for Students

Made up of hundreds of diverse books, there’s plenty to be found in the library.  You will be able to use this space throughout your time at Oasis Academy Leesbrook to find lots of information to help with your schoolwork and personal growth.

Events and bookish things will be posted in the library – keep an eye out for new displays and competitions!

What can I borrow?

Students may borrow 1 book for 2 weeks at a time for free.  Just bring the book you would like to borrow to the main desk to borrow books.  If you need more time to read your book, renew it by speaking to Ms Massey.

What happens if I return something late of lose a book?

You must take care of the items you borrow and remember to return them on time.  There is a reminder system in place if you do forget: you will be emailed, and your parents will be called after 3 reminders.

Sanctions may be distributed for any lost/damaged books.

For further information, speak to Ms Massey.

Library Schedule

Monday Year 7
Tuesday Year 8
Wednesday Year 9
Thursday Year 10
Friday Year 11


The Library is open during break, lunch and after school.



·         We provide and encourage a safe and welcome environment for all students

The library is open throughout the day, and students are always welcome to come in to browse, study or read on their library day or after school.


·         We listen

Students can submit book requests or suggestions to improve the library via the Book/Library Suggestion Post-box in the library.

We aim to get books that students want to read and that represent the differences and diversity of our Oasis Leesbrook family.

We always welcome recommendations and feedback.


·         We support and guide students

Whether it is with book choices, homework research or just a chat, we are always here to listen to and guide students.