Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community


Leesbrook Library is a vibrant space that enhances and supports learning across the curriculum. It also offers a welcoming environment for students who are looking for a place to read, relax, and retreat momentarily from the rigours of the school day.

All our staff and students have access to our Library, where we house more than 2,500 books covering a broad range of genres! Besides fiction and non-fiction books, our collection also includes print journals, periodicals, self help books and revision / study guides.

Our library also contains 30 PCs for students to use during Library lessons, as well as morning and lunchtime breaks.

What do our students say?

“This library is my home from home” – Waleed 9ST

“Walking through the door of this library is like arriving into a serene garden!” – Taylor 9L

“I could spend all day here and I’d still want to stay longer” – Anonymous 9T

“This place feels like home” – Jack 8G

“The library makes me feel so relaxed” – Favour 9L

“The library feels like a rainforest of knowledge” – John 8G

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