Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community


Leesbrook Library is a vibrant space that enhances and supports learning across the curriculum. It also offers a welcoming environment for students who are looking for a place to read, relax, and retreat momentarily from the rigours of the school day.

Information for Students

All our students and staff have access to Leesbrook Library, where we house more than 2,500 diverse and exciting books waiting to be read. Besides conventional fiction and non-fiction books, our varied collection includes print journals and periodicals, revision guides, reference books, self-help and study guides, and a staff training library. In the library we also have thirty PCs for students to use during Library lessons, as well as morning and lunchtime breaks.

We use an exciting, interactive library management system called Accessit. Students can log into Accessit via their Horizons iPads by using the Accessit web app.

Students sign into the app using their Single Sign On (SSO); these are the same details they use to log into the school computers.

This easy-to-use app offers students a comprehensive range of services, allowing them to browse and explore the library catalogue, to reserve, renew and review books, and to create their own reading ‘wish list’.

Since we know that today many young people prefer to use technology-based reading over a physical book, we also have a virtual library space where students have free access to thousands of eBooks and audio books. You can view this here ePlatform.

As with our library dashboard, the virtual library can be downloaded on Horizons iPads, using their Single Sign On. Online interactive tutorials and other training videos to help develop skills of finding, exploring and using the application can be found here how to use ePlatform.

We run regular book-based competitions and reward schemes to engage students, encourage participation in Library events and inspire a love of reading. While we do run silent study periods during some morning and lunch breaks, students also use the library to socialise and play chess.

We run an exceptionally popular book club, also known as “The Bookworms“, on a Friday afternoon for students to read and share their thoughts and ideas. The emphasis of the club is on having fun and developing a joy of reading.

Leesbrook Library is also home to our school LGBTQ+ group, True Colours. The library creates a safe place for the group to socialise, support each other, and discuss issues in confidence. The group aims to contribute to the school’s inclusive and accepting environment.

Other clubs that call library home include Wednesday’s Multimedia Club, and Year 11 Study Group on a Monday.

We encourage students to help in the library. We recruit student librarians who are trained to use the Accessit management system to issue/return books, shelve books, and do other tasks that keep the library running smoothly.

The library is very active on Twitter. This is where we publish Library news, information on events, book reviews and much more.  Please take a look! @LeesbrookLib

What can I borrow?

Students may borrow 1 book for 2 weeks at a time for free.  Just bring the book you would like to borrow to the main desk to borrow books.  If you need more time to read your book, renew it by speaking to Mr Adamajtis or Ms Massey.

What happens if I return something late or lose a book?

You must take care of the items you borrow and remember to return them on time. There is a reminder system in place if you do forget: you will be emailed, and your parents will be called after 3 reminders.

Sanctions may be distributed for any lost/damaged books.

200 Books to read before you leave Leesbrook

For further information, speak to Mr Adamajtis or Ms Massey.  To see our Library Schedule, scroll down to the bottom of this page.

Library Schedule


What we do to encourage reading for pleasure

We provide and encourage a safe and welcome environment for all students

The library is open throughout the day, and students are always welcome to come in to browse, study or read on their library day or after school.

Top tips for reading at home

Click here to see our top tips for reading at home document.

Accessible Resources

Part of our mission here in the Leesbrook Library is to provide a tailored learning experience for each student. We recognise that some students may have additional needs when it comes to reading and learning and we consistently strive to meet the expectations and requirements of every student. We have in our collection texts suitable for those with visual impairments, as well those with Dyslexia and other learning difficulties that may cause challenges when reading. We can also help to provide reading overlays to those with Dyslexia, and are always adapting further to the needs of our students.

In addition, our virtual space on ePlatform also has a wealth of features to address these needs, including an immersive reader experience that can benefit those with additional requirements, including EAL students.

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