Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community


Curriculum: Year 7 & 8

Students in Years 7 & 8 have an intensive English, Maths, Science and Humanities offer. Each of these curriculum plans will be designed to weave together key themes from the Personal, Social, and Health Education statutory guidance.

Individual leadership skills are developed through a range of activities, events and opportunities afforded to students. Additionally, the curriculum further develops critical thinking skills and an awareness of local, national and global issues faced by society. Students are encouraged to consider how they can add to the development of healthier communities. The breadth of cultural diversity is celebrated and students are encouraged to share the knowledge and expertise they have gained from their own individual backgrounds. In addition to this, the curriculum incorporates a level of flexibility in order to respond to the needs of individual students.

Students also participate in our Cultural Offer consisting of a variety of opportunities and experiences designed to set our students apart by providing them with necessary capital to succeed at any Russell Group University and beyond. Alongside these opportunities the curriculum provides students with health lessons, creative mastery opportunities and career preparation sessions.


Curriculum: Year 9, 10 & 11

Students will continue to have an intensive offer of English, Maths and Science. GCSE options will be designed in such a way that students study eight or nine GCSEs depending on their attainment in year 9. The additional time investment in the humanities subjects in year 7 & 8 will maximise the number of students who are able to succeed in attaining the English Baccalaureate. Our curriculum is tailored to individual students’ needs, providing both challenge and support, where needed.

Our Academy will develop a range of appropriate and challenging vocational courses that can be delivered on-site to ensure both vulnerable and low attaining students receive continuity of care. Furthermore, students who are able to exceed GCSE qualifications in year 11 will be provided with an appropriate range of additional qualifications, including level 3 courses and further level 2 courses (i.e. statistics). In addition to this, KS4 students will continue to participate in two hours of guided reading (in which key English literature texts will be studied), two hours of fitness, two hours of PSHE and one hour of careers preparation.

During careers preparation, students will learn skills such as ‘how to make a good first impression’, and ‘university interview techniques’, as well as meeting local business owners and professionals who can provide additional insight into working life and career pathways.