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Character Curriculum

Character Curriculum

As part of our commitment to provide an outstanding and broad spiritual, moral, social and cultural education, all pupils at Leesbrook will be participating in Personal Development Education.  This program is compulsory and is a feature of the statutory education in all schools in England.  The curriculum is age appropriate and sensitive in its outlook, and will prepare pupils for adult life and relationships both inside and outside of school.  This will build upon the PSHE program delivered in primary schools.  Issues such as puberty, healthy relationships and personal hygiene will be addressed in Years 7 and 8.   As pupils mature, the curriculum will adjust to their age-related needs.  For example, the curriculum in Years 10 and 11 examines issues of consent, safeguarding against grooming and access to medical services.  Lessons will be delivered within Family Time by Family Group Leaders on a rolling program throughout the year, and will form a part of our Character Program. 

Curriculum Plan for Character Curriculum

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Should you have any questions about the Character curriculum at Oasis Leesbrook please contact Mrs Ridley, who leads on this.