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Self-expression, compassion, resilience and humility are just some of the characteristics we hope to develop through our drama curriculum at KS3. Through drama, we hope to give students more of an insight into the creation of theatre and how it has developed through the ages. Drama is a separate qualification and subject and therefore has a specifically designed curriculum within KS3. At KS3, drama lessons are used to develop the quality of spoken English and performance. All students in year 7 have one performing arts lesson per week. Across KS3, this performing arts lesson will alternate between music and drama.


During KS3, students will begin to understand:-


·         core dramatic techniques such as freeze frame

·         how to control and use body language and facial expression for a specific purpose

·         how to learn lines and use rehearsal time to develop short drama pieces

·         how to work effectively as part of a group

·         the importance of self-control and resilience in performance

·         how to use scripts effectively

·         how to use stage lighting, make-up and props to create an effective piece of drama


Students will also have the opportunity to participate in a school play each year. Rehearsals for this production will take place during enrichment time at least once per week and will occur after Christmas in time for a summer production.

Should you have any questions about the Drama curriculum at Oasis Leesbrook please contact Miss Lownds, Curriculum Leader for English.