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Modern Foreign Languages

"You live a new life for every new language you speak.  If you know only one language, you live only once." (Czech proverb)

Intent Statement:

With our guidance and quality-first teaching, students will leave Oasis Academy Leesbrook prepared, both linguistically and culturally for visiting the country that they have studied. If they never visit the country they have studied, they will make Oldham a better place by understanding that culture should join us, not divide us

Students will develop into confident speakers, listeners, readers and writers of language.





Curriculum Plans for MFL

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Knowledge Organisers for MFL
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Extra Curricular
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Further Reading
For Year 7:

https://www.linguascope.com/ (Username Leesbrook, Password Leesbrook1)

For Year 8:

https://www.linguascope.com/ (Username Leesbrook, Password Leesbrook1)

For Year 9:


https://www.linguascope.com/ (Username Leesbrook, Password Leesbrook1)

Should you have any questions about the MFL curriculum at Oasis Leesbrook please contact Miss Holmes, Curriculum Leader for MFL.