Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community


At Oasis Academy Leesbrook we are committed to ensuring that the highest quality academic curriculum is offered, underpinned by a strong pastoral programme. In addition, there is a strong focus on building ‘cultural capital’ for every single student. This is embedded into lessons through a thematic link (each half term) along with a strong focus in assemblies and after school. Each student will complete a ‘passport’ of activities, including extra-curricular, for each element.

Focus Areas:

1.    Music

2.    Art

3.    Literature and Drama

4.    Sport

5.    STEM

6.    Politics

Each student is placed in a house entitled with one of the key areas of enrichment noted above and develops their leadership skills by organising and managing activities, visits and trips associated with an aspect of their house area as part of the ‘House Half Term Leadership’ programme.

A bright future

We value the importance of opening our students up to every possible opportunity in life, and with hard work we know they can reach their goals. For some that might be going onto university, or in particular a Russell Group university. To that end, every single student at Oasis Academy Leesbrook will visit either Cambridge or Oxford University as part of their academic and cultural enrichment.

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The Oasis 7

The ‘Oasis 7’ is the foundation on which our character education is devised.

Every year, every child at Oasis Academy Leesbrook will has the opportunity to do one of the following:

1. Visit a Russell group University

2. Attend a residential trip, having the

opportunity to visit one of our Oasis

global partners

3. Give back to a local, national or global community

4. Compete against the very best, in athletics, maths challenges, science fairs and music competitions

5. Visit cities around the UK

6. Learn about a variety of careers

7. Participate in local and national politics