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Leesbrookers make the top 5!

Leesbrookers make the top 5!

Congratulations are in order for our very own Sully, Amaan, Errickson and Rahmat! Why you say? Ill tell you why...

These four boys, also known as “R.A.S.E” and/or “Champions” have managed to bag a spot in the regional finals for the enterprise challenge, held by the honourable Prince’s Trust Charity. This is a prestigious event which takes place every year, nationally. Only the top 5 out of the whole region make it to the semi finals and we are delighted to announce that our Champions have made it!

The first task involved an online based competition, the team had to work together, making decisions for their company to ultimately make the most profit. R.A.S.E ended the game on a massive $70,000! The next task will be held on the 19th March in Manchester and our Champions have been working very hard alongside their mentor Miss Haque, to create a business idea which they must pitch in front of 4 different judges. If they pass this stage they will have an amazing opportunity to pitch their Business in the Finals which will take place in London. They will get a chance to ride on a helicopter and a Rolls Royce! If you think that's amazing, imagine... The winners will receive a £500 investment from Prince’s Trust to start their very own business!

Win or lose, we are extremly proud of the boys who have already made it this far! Some of our 9 habits include “Compassionate” “Considerate” and “Patients”. We are amazed to see much they have inhabited these and how well they have been working together, utilising each others skills efficiently as well as ensuring every team member is involved, even if it meant taking a step back for everyone to be on the same page, they have been very patient with one another and very considerate about each others situation and we couldn’t be more proud of our future entrepreneurs!
We are very excited to see what is yet to come. For more information, watch this space!