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The 9 Habits Summer Assignment

The 9 Habits Summer Assignment

Make the World a Better Place

Our summer assignment for the Leesbrook family is designed to ensure that you make the most of your summer vacaction, whilst at the same time preparing you in developing the 9 Habits that are weaved into every aspect of life at Oasis Leesbrook.

Your Challenge

Over the summer holiday your mission is to complete a selection of the 20 challenges listed in this booklet.  If you have already completed some, move on to the ones you have not done.  Don’t always go for what you think will be the easiest, the ones you think are harder are more likely to be more rewarding.  Give as many as you can a try, but aim to complete at least 8 before you return in September.

It’s easy to think that school is all about good grades.  Of course academic success is essential, however this is not achieved through study alone.  All of the tasks are designed to help you on your journey to becoming a more mature learner and to remind you of other things in life that are important.


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