The Leesbrook Passport to Cultural Enrichment

The Leesbrook Passport to Cultural Enrichment

Every single one of us is unique. We know that every one of our young people joining Oasis Academy Leesbrook will have different life experiences, different aspirations, different backgrounds and different requirements. Some of our students will require extra support to help bridge the gaps in their attainment, whilst others will crave that challenge and further push to think bigger.

With a whole world of opportunity out there, let us not focus on academic achievement in this blog post but of life experience and aspiration. I want to focus on the importance of opening those doors, laying those paving slabs and setting our young people off on their journey to the wider realms. Let us talk about cultural enrichment.

So what is cultural enrichment? Unlike reactive academic support enrichment programmes, designed to support learning in the classroom, cultural enrichment is about introducing people to new experiences or ways of viewing the social, intellectual and artistic world. This is not to say cultural enrichment is not linked to the curriculum – of course it is. But what it means for Leesbrook is that our offer will enhance what our teachers are teaching in a way that enlightens our young people to what opportunities lie ahead. What the arts look like outside of school. What STEM or politics is like in the working world. What it takes to be a professional athlete or writer.

We are finalising our plans for the Cultural Enrichment Programme here at Leesbrook, and have thought really carefully about what would benefit our students most. We even consulted with them, their parents and our staff to ensure that we focus our commitment not only to educating the ‘whole person’ but the ‘whole community’ taking into account those unique differences between our students.

We are delighted to announce that in September, all students will kick off their programme by visiting the University of Cambridge for a day packed full of activities, inspiration and historical learning. This will be the first stamp in our young people’s ‘cultural passport’ and one we are very much looking forward to.

Mahatma Ghandi said that ‘a nation’s culture resides in the hearts and souls of its people’. At Oasis Academy Leesbrook, culture will be at the very heart and soul of all that we do.

Take Care,