Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Home Learning COVID-19

We must accept finite disappointment, but we must never lose infinite hope -Martin Luther King

Microsoft OneDrive/ Microsoft Teams

All lessons are now being set on Microsoft Teams. A guide on how to use Microsoft Teams is available here.

All students have been issued with login details for Microsoft OneDrive and Microsoft Teams. These are accessible from any device and both apps can be downloaded from Google Play or the App store. These apps will form part of our future home learning provision.  Further details will be sent out in due course. 

See the below timetable as an example for learning whilst at home.

Year 7          Monday        Tuesday   Wednesday Thursday Friday
9am             Science English Maths English Maths
11am           Character Science Geography History MFL
1pm             Music RE Art Technology PE theory


Year 8        Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
9am           Maths RE Art Technology English
11am         Character Geography History MFL Science
1pm           Science English Maths PE theory Music


Year 9      Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
9am         English Science English Maths Science
11am       Character History MFL Art PE theory
1pm         RE Maths Music Geography Technology


Homework Journals

Year 7 - Half term 4    Year 7 - Half term 5

Year 8 - Half term 4    Year 8 - Half term 5

Year 9 - Half term 4    Year 9 - Half term 5

BBC Bitesize

A comprehensive online resource for all subjects. Access can be gained from In addition, a free app for both android and apple devices can be downloaded from the google play store and apple app store. An account isn’t essential, but will allow students to store their previous work.

PiXL Apps

App based learning for students in year 9 only

Subject Website Code Username Password
English Literature OO99 Student surname  Student Surname
Maths  OO99 followed by the first followed by 2020 -
Geography OO99 letter of their first name - in capital
History OO99

in capitals letters


Staff Email

A full list of staff email addresses can be found here. Staff will respond to emails within one working day. 

Parent and Pupil Wellbeing

We are keen to support the wellbeing of parents and pupils during this difficult time.  We have added a wellbeing resource to our website available here.